Greater Houston Hamfest

ARRL Texas State Convention
March 28, 2015 information to be announced soon

hamfest tables

All indoor tables:  $15 ea . Add a power drop for your table block $5 .
To minimize power outages, sharing of a power connection by multiple vendors as well as electricity drops at other tables must be pre-approved.
Contact Michael K5WRN for any electricity or special needs.

Table setup available Friday 3pm till 7pm and Saturday 6am to 8am.
Vendors may enter the Hamfest Friday 3:00 to 7:00 pm and/or Saturday at 6:00am to setup their tables.
The Greater Houston Hamfest starts at 8:00am Saturday when the front doors open.

Pre-registration of tables: 2015 table sales not available yet!
Table chart to make your selection is at the bottom of this page.

Or please contact Michael Wrenn K5WRN  ( )

Amateur Radio Clubs and Service Groups may qualify for a free table. Contact Michael K5WRN if interested.
If you are a commercial vendor and want your logo and a link to your website listed please contact Eddie (NU5K)

Table A1 A2
Gary McGregor
Table A3
Gary MacGregor
Table A4
Gary McGregor
Table A5 A6
Dennis Jones
Table A7 A8
Gary McGregor
Table A9
Gary McGregor
Table A10
Gary McGregor
Table A11 A12
Dennis Jones
Table B1 B2
Ronald Wicker
Table B3
Walter Hock
Table B4
Michael Slovan
Table B5 B6
Paul Easter
Table B7 B8
joel newman
Table B9
Texas QSO Party
Table B10
Raimund Polman
Table B11 B12
Table C1 C2
Astrid Krahn
Table C3
Matt Bramanti
Table C4
William Stone
Table C5 C6
Paul Easter
Table C7 C8 C9 C10 C11
Gerald Muller
Table D1 D2
94 Repeater
Table D3
Table D4
Kenneth Stevens
Table D5
Alfred Mitchell
Table D6 D7
Gary Nordin
Table D8 D9
Table D10
Table D11
Jeffrey Carson
Table D12
Dan White
Table D13 D14
Mark George
Table E1 E2
Donna Bayer
Table E3
Dan Bates
Table E4
Raul Aldape
Table E5
Raul Aldape
Table E6 E7
Bruce Bayley
Table E8 E9
Lee Rhoden
Table E10
Lee Rhoden
Table E11
Lee Rhoden
Table E12
Lee Rhoden
Table E13 E14
NASA-JSC Amateur-RadioClub
Table F1 F2
Robert Martinez
Table F3
Robert Martinez
Table F4
Jack Van Demark
Table F5
Jerod Kendrick
Table F6 F7
Allen Brier
Table F8 F9
Robert Martinez
Table F10
John Davenport
Table F11
John Davenport
Table F12
Terry Byers
Table F13 F14
Terry Byers
Table G1 G2
Randall Friesenhahn
Table G3
Daniel Tassell
Table G4
Daniel Tassell
Table G5
Daniel Tassell
Table G6 G7
Daniel Tassell
Table G8 G9
Donald J Sands
Table G10
Donald J Sands
Table G11
David Compton
Table G12
Matthew G Paulonis
Table G13 G14
Carl Hacker
Table H1 H2
Johnathan Edwards
Table H3
Johnathan Edwards
Table H4
Johnathan Edwards
Table H5
Johnathan Edwards
Table H6 H7
TechnoChaos & Maker Faire
Table H8 H9
Charles Lancaster
Table H10
Table H11
Table H12
Table H13 H14
Table J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 J6
Table K1 K2
Jimmie Stewart
Table K3
Richard Cobb
Table K4 K5
sammy piraino
Table K6 K7
Byron Tatum
Table K8
Richard Cobb
Table K9 K10
Richard Cobb
Table L1 L2
Karrol Payne
Table L3
charles vincent
Table L4 L5
Bob Hawkins
Table L6 L7
John Noffke
Table L8
Lee Geoff
Table L9 L10
richard allen
Table M1 M2 M3
Table M4
DXCC Checker
Table M5 M6
Table M7 M8
Table M9
Bvarc Registration
Table N1 N2 N3 N4 N5
Marc Abramson
Table P1 P2
Texas Army MARS
Table P4 P5
Test / Demo
Table P6
HF Station
Table Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6
The Sign man
Table R1 R2 R3
Hamfest Check In
Table R4
Table S1 S2
Antenna Technology
Table S3
Hamfest Check In
Table S4 S5 S6 S7 S8
Houston ARS
Table T1 T2 T3 T4
River Oaks Car Stereo
Table T5 T6 T7
Table T8 T9 T10 T11 T12 T13 T14
Main Trading
Table U1 U2
Flex Radio
Table U3 U4
Expert Amps
Table V1 V2
Daniel Bretch
Table V3 V4
Table V5 V6
Daniel Bretch
Table V7 V8
Sales Tax

Main Trading Company


Expert Amps






Important Sales Tax Information

Indoor or Tailgate Exhibitors -
Commercial exhibitors engaged in the sale of products may be required to collect and report Texas Sales Tax (8.25%) per state law as administered by the Texas Comptroller.
Some Individuals engaged in the sale of products may also be required to collect and report Texas Sales Tax (8.25%) and must do so per state law as administered by the Texas Comptroller.
These entities and/or individuals agree to indemnify and hold harmless Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club and its Board of Directors, collectively and individually from any liability arising from the collection, reporting and remittance of Texas Sales Tax.

If your not sure of your liability to the state on your sales tax please see the State of Texas Website    or call them toll free 800-252-5555